Our Tribute to Dave Brubeck was recorded live at The Jazz Showcase in Chicago IL.





filmed by Tim Bales, recorded by Ken Christianson, mastered by Rafe Bradford, performed by Peter Roothaan -sax, Leandro Lopez Varady -piano, Rafe Bradford - bass, and Lanny Grilly - drums






Russell Gloyd - Dave Brubeck's manager producer, and conductor, for over four decades,

explains the origin of Brubeck's composition

"Blue Rondo A La Turk."


 "Blue Rondo A La Turk"

A compostion in a 9/8 time signature, that was inspired by Brubeck's listening to Turkish street musicians


"It's A Raggy Waltz - piano solo"

Composed by Dave & Iola Brubeck - this is an off-kilter dance tune in 3/4 time that originally appeared on the LP "Time Further Out."



Russell Gloyd tells the backstory origin

of the hit "Take Five."







"Take Five"

Paul Desmond composed this 5/4 tune for the LP "Time Out,"which became the highest selling Jazz LP in History.


"Three To Get Ready - Four To Go"

Brubeck wrote this witty tune that alternated measures of  3/4 & 4/4 time signatures.



Russell Gloyd tell how he and Dave Brubeck met & formed their long rewarding relationship. He was impressed that our band was playing such challenging Brubeck compositions.We are playing "Eleven-Four"

(written in 11/4 time signature).






A Brubeck tune in 5/4 from his LP "Time Changes"