Our Tribute to Dave Brubeck was recorded live at The Jazz Showcase & The Epiphany Center for the Arts in Chicago IL.



Filmed by Tim Bales, recorded by Ken Christianson, mastered by Rafe Bradford, performed by Peter Roothaan -sax, Leandro Lopez Varady -piano, Rafe Bradford - bass, and Lanny Grilly - drums






Russell Gloyd - Dave Brubeck's manager producer, and conductor, for over four decades,

explains the origin of Brubeck's composition

"Blue Rondo A La Turk."


 "Blue Rondo A La Turk"

A compostion in a 9/8 time signature, that was inspired by Brubeck's listening to Turkish street musicians


"It's A Raggy Waltz - piano solo"

Composed by Dave & Iola Brubeck - this is an off-kilter dance tune in 3/4 time that originally appeared on the LP "Time Further Out."



Russell Gloyd tells the backstory origin

of the hit "Take Five."







"Take Five"

Paul Desmond composed this 5/4 tune for the LP "Time Out,"which became the highest selling Jazz LP in History.


"Three To Get Ready - Four To Go"

Brubeck wrote this witty tune that alternated measures of  3/4 & 4/4 time signatures.



Russell Gloyd tell how he and Dave Brubeck met & formed their long rewarding relationship. He was impressed that our band was playing such challenging Brubeck compositions.We are playing "Eleven-Four"

(written in 11/4 time signature).






A Brubeck tune in 5/4 from his LP "Time Changes"