Dave Brubeck Tribute Concert Testimonials


Comments from our concert at Evanston S.P.A.C.E.:


Jake Samuels - Talent Buyer at S.P.A.C.E.

"Thanks for putting on this show at SPACE, Lanny...it was a pleasure working with you!

Matt Rico - Production Manager at S.P.A.C.E.

"I'm super pumped for this show. I'm a huge Brubeck fan and actually worked one of  his last shows. Gonna be a great night!

Joe Guzzardo  - joeguzzardo.com

"I've never attended a jazz performance that was arranged like this one. Your show last night  was great! Russell Gloyd's commentary was entertaining, as well as educational - such as his behind-the-scenes stories, as howBrubeck wrote the theme song for the jazzy detective show,"Mr. Broadway." The icing on the cake was when Russell got the entire crowd to clap in 7/4 time to "Unsquare Dance"

James Thompson - a die-hard Brubeck fan

"The concert last night touched my heart. Can't tell you how proud I am of you all, and what you've put together."

Russell Gloyd - Dave Brubeck's manager, producer, and conductor

"Please pass my regards to the band. Dave would have been thrilled with their performance. No one but Dave could have fully appreciated the difficulty of what you cats pulled off. I felt honored to be a part of it."


Comments from our concert at The Jazz Showcase in Chicago


Jim Thompson (Exec V.P - Leo Burnett)

"Last night we saw four exceptional musicians bring back live some of the greatest creations of the DBQ. They played them right and true, each putting their own stamp to it. Thanks Lanny and all involved it for making the night happen."

Thomas Doody


Laury Shelley - (vocalist toured with Michele LeGrand for many years)

"The video and you all look and sound great!"

Tim Bales - (trumpeter - Ides of March, videographer)

"Posting this quick snip from last night.

It was really good. Good to hear so many

cool Brubeck things that, well,

I'd actually forgotten about." 

 George Garcia (Leader/drummer - Past Life Band)

 "Wow to Koooooool drummer workn it with d pianist."

Randy McCallister 

"Great solo Leandro. Haven't seen you in forever man."

Mark Messing (founder - Mucca Pazza Circus Band)

 "Sounds fantastic! Great band."

Craig J Snider (Mix Kitchen producer/composer/musician)

"Great playing Rafe!"

Marc Goldin

"I used to know Peter Roothaan ages ago from the south side in Hyde Park -- was a great saxophonist -even back then. Good to see him still out there -- nice track, they all sounded great!"

Scott Hirtenstein (drummer - Rum Runners/Las Vegas)

"Beautiful, Gents."

Patricia Alma Lee (owner Lee Communications) 

"I was there! Outstanding!"

Michele Rogan 

"love take 5 and love Jazz."

Greg Pasenko - (owner - BluJazz Label)

"Nice Lanny"

Chery McEneaney (optometrist & jazz fan)

"Fantastic video - wish we could have been at your concert!"

Steve Wolf (jazz guitarist)


Bill Fox

"Great job by all - love Brubeck"

Gail Hays

"Love it!! - Take Five - one of my faves, good job with video, Tim -

same goes for the band"

Glenn DeMichele (Chicago Bassist)

"Blue Rondo A la Turk," "Really Stellar Guys! The performance,

audio, and video were perfect. Thanks for posting."

Lanny Grilly

"This project has been joyful since conception,

and I'm grateful to be joined by such amazing musicians - 

Peter Roothaan, Rafe Bradford and Leandro Lopez Varady.

WDCB radio has been so gracious to sponsor our project"r